How to extend battery life?

How to extend battery life?


How to extend battery life?

1. Try to avoid deep charging and discharging;

2. Try to keep the power at 30-80%;

3. Recharging the mobile phone battery after it runs out will affect the battery life, so "healthy" charging should be carried out frequently. Recharging the battery when it is out of power is the most harmful behavior to the battery. Generally, when the battery power is lower than 20%, we should charge the mobile phone;

Try not to keep your phone battery too low

4. Try not to play with your mobile phone while charging to prevent the temperature of the mobile phone from getting too high. In this way, the battery of the mobile phone can be guaranteed to be in a normal state of vitality, thereby ensuring the normal battery usage efficiency of the mobile phone.

5. Use regular chargers
Be sure to choose the original or regular charger with 3C safety certification. During the charging process, the charger directly affects the mobile phone, and the use of pirated or uncertified chargers and data cables will cause certain or irreparable damage to the device.