Four misunderstandings about mobile phone battery maintenance

Four misunderstandings about mobile phone battery maintenance


Four misunderstandings about mobile phone battery maintenance

Can recharging when dead extend battery life?

        Most of the small partners should have heard a little about the memory effect of lithium-ion batteries, which is not like the previous nickel-metal hydride nickel-chromium batteries. Therefore, the correct way to use lithium batteries is: use them as you go, and don't think about being full all day long to feel at ease. Do not overcharge and overdischarge is the basic principle of use of lithium batteries.

Is it dangerous to charge your phone with a tablet charger?

        There were rumors on Weibo that it was not feasible to charge a mobile phone with a tablet charger, because the larger output current might "break down the capacitor." But there are still countless friends who are not afraid of death using tablet chargers to charge their phones, because there seems to be no big problem, and sometimes the charging seems to be faster.

        In fact, charging a phone with a charger with a higher output current is feasible, usually not catastrophic, and in many cases does make charging faster. However, if you don't have a particularly urgent matter to go out and rush to charge your mobile phone that is about to run out of power, you should usually not use such a large output current charger for a long time.

Does installing a piece of software extend battery life?

        The battery management software is a magical thing. It seems that there are high-end and high-grade nouns such as fast charging, supplementary charging and trickle charging. In fact, it only reads the power and displays it to the user through the API provided by the system. It has nothing to do with charging. In addition to helping, it can also stay in the background to help power consumption, which is definitely a typical product in the era of lithium batteries.

        It has to be said that the charging process displayed by the battery management application is indeed justified, but the charging process is completely in the hands of the power management chip, and these "management applications" are useless at all.

Batteries and chargers can easily explode and electrocute people?

        Charge the cell phone battery with an unknown charger, or simply use a copycat battery to achieve the effect of an explosion. Not only that, charging with a charger with mismatched parameters can also cause the same effect. The key lies in the "output voltage parameter" marked on the charger.

        The output voltage of mobile phone chargers is mostly 5V. Usually, as long as this parameter is unified, even if the numbers such as output current are different, there is generally no problem in charging.

        With the current development of lithium battery technology and the layers of safety features added by manufacturers for batteries, not only the power management chip has perfect control of batteries, but some batteries and mobile phones themselves are designed to be cut off in case of danger. It is difficult for non-copycat batteries and chargers to explode, so as long as you use the original charger, you can rest assured that you don't have to worry about your life being in danger all the time.