How to Extend the Life of Your Phone Battery?

How to Extend the Life of Your Phone Battery?


How to Extend the Life of Your Phone Battery?

Keep Cool
    This should be regarded as a common sense. The higher the temperature of the mobile phone battery, the more energy is consumed, and the battery life will naturally be shorter. If you're using your phone in a hotter climate, you should try to get your phone out of the heat, and never leave it in your car. In addition, when your phone is hot to the touch, it is best not to use it until the temperature has cooled down, which will also help improve the battery life of your iPhone.

Charge it Properly
    There is a folk saying that it takes 12 hours to buy a new mobile phone, which is good for mobile phones. In fact, it is not, especially lithium batteries, charging more than 12 hours will damage the mobile phone. To properly charge according to the instructions, the nickel-cadmium battery must be completely discharged before charging, and the battery must be fully charged after recharging.

Turn off 3G and Bluetooth
    While both 3G and Bluetooth are useful features, they can also drain your phone's battery very quickly. To extend your battery life, both features can be turned off from settings. Of course, you can also reactivate them when you need them.
    To maximize battery life, you may also consider turning off WiFi settings. If you use this feature, your phone will continue to search for wireless signals, which will consume more battery power. And when you want to use it within a certain WiFi signal range, you can reactivate the feature, which preserves battery life.

Screen Dims
    It's like a laptop, the brightness of your phone's screen affects how long your battery can last. A bright screen naturally consumes more battery power. Change your screen brightness by setting the options, then click Brightness, turn off automatic brightness, and manually adjust the brightness to the appropriate brightness.

Change Auto-lock Settings
    The shorter you set the time to automatically lock your phone, the greater the energy savings. Change the setting to 1 minute or less.

Turn Off Notifications
    This includes all kinds of notifications: push notifications, notifications from apps, notifications from email reads. All of these reduce battery life, so to keep your phone's battery last longer, it's best to turn it off. You can still log into various apps and update them, but you can't update them automatically, only manually. To turn off notifications, tap Settings to edit each app.

Do Not Use Applications with Large Amounts of Data
    Unfortunately, this includes some interesting applications. Apps like music, games, and multimedia can all be considered data-heavy applications that are dwindling your phone's battery life at an alarming rate. If you really want to extend your phone's battery life, refrain from using it as little as possible when it can't be charged.

Turn off location services
    GPS (Global Positioning System) consumes a lot of power from the battery. If you use location services, your phone will use more battery power. This doesn't mean you can't use the map function in your phone, it just means that you can temporarily turn it off and activate it when you need to use it, which can better extend battery life. To turn off the service, click Settings, select Location Services, and change to Off, which automatically disables all apps from using the feature.