Is the mobile phone battery a lithium battery?

Is the mobile phone battery a lithium battery?


Many users often pay attention to the types of mobile phone batteries when analyzing the hardware configuration of mobile phones, but because of lack of knowledge in this area, they are not sure what type of batteries are used in mobile phones today. This article combines the development history of mobile phones to talk about the type of mobile phone battery.

Most mobile phones use "lithium batteries" as power storage tools
    With the continuous breakthrough of technology, smart phones have basically replaced all old-fashioned mobile phones. Based on the high power consumption of smart phones, lithium batteries have become popular after the birth, and they were immediately applied to smart phones as "power supply and energy storage tools" as use.

    Lithium battery is a type of smart battery. The only difference from traditional old mobile phone batteries is that it has a long service life, high storage capacity, high density, high rated voltage, high power endurance, low discharge rate, light weight, and adaptability to high and low temperature environments. Strong sex and other characteristics.

Types of mobile phone batteries

    Mobile phone batteries can be roughly divided into two categories. One is lithium batteries, which are the batteries used in most smartphones; the other is nickel batteries. Some old-fashioned mobile phones in the past used this type of battery.

    On this basis, the battery is also subdivided into some small categories, such as lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and so on. In addition to the difference in material, the performance is also very different. They are all "energy storage tools" powered by mobile phones, while lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries are iterative products of nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

The difference between the two batteries

    In addition to the performance gap, the biggest gap between lithium batteries and nickel batteries lies in the "memory effect", because the charging part and discharging part of nickel batteries are not exactly the same, which will cause the temporary capacity of the battery to decrease and reduce the battery life of the mobile phone. Ability, and this is also the reason for the rumors that “the first time you use a new mobile phone, the battery must be completely discharged” on the Internet.

    But the lithium battery does not have this problem. In addition to having all the functions of the nickel battery, it has been greatly improved. Under the control of the smart phone charging IC system, it surpasses the nickel battery in all aspects.

Note: The content mentioned in the article refers to battery types and materials, does not involve any battery brand, model, and has nothing to do with system version, software, etc.