12 Mistakes You Probably Make While Charging Your Phone

12 Mistakes You Probably Make While Charging Your Phone


12 Mistakes You Probably Make While Charging Your Phone

12 Mistakes You Probably Make While Charging Your Phone
12 Mistakes You Probably Make While Charging Your Phone
Mobile phones have all kinds of functions, which make our life more convenient and interesting. With the time we are using, we find out that our phone battery is running so quickly. Although the producers have been working on the phone battery improvement on faster charging and longer using life, we still believe there are some tricks to keep our phone battery in a long using life. Here Etrade Supply mainly concludes 12 mistakes we probably make while charging our phone, and some of which we might take for granted but are not true. Let’s see what they are.

1. Charging your phone to the max before using it for the first time.

When you unbox your new buy phone, turn it on and use for the first time, you might probably make the phone fully charged if the battery power is out. This is a mistake for us because the best working condition for the phone battery is that it’s charged from 50% to 80%. The producers will keep the new phone around 80% of battery power before packing, so we charging the new phone to the max on the first time is not good for the battery life. If you find the battery power is under 40% when you turn on the phone and activate on the first time, go back to the cellphone store and return because it is the full battery power stance.

2. Not using your phone while it's charging.

Maybe most of us would think this is true that using our phone while it is charging will be harmful to our phone battery. This is also a misconception. The battery is charging on the power when you plug your phone whether you use it or not. Just like adding one more task to the device when it is working not over-workload. The thing is, while, we’d better not make any phone calls while it is on charging. When we charge the phone, the battery is heated up and phone calling at the same time will cause our battery to burn easily.

3. Being afraid that chargers from a different brand will kill your battery.

This is totally acceptable for most iPhone users. There so many chip off-band chargers on the market. Some iPhone users think a different charger will harm the battery except the original one. This is total nonsense. Some of the off-brand chargers might take longer to charge, but if the good one works well as your original charger, it is no harm to your battery. So, don’t be afraid of charging with a different brand charger will kill your battery, it is self-deceiving.

4. Thinking that turning your phone off will damage the battery.

Well, this might happen to your phone in a long time off, but not to temporarily shut off from time to time. Besides, reboot the device could make it work better on functions sometimes, as well as to the battery function. Don’t think to turn off your phone will damage the battery when it is necessary to restart the phone.

5. Trying to “train” your battery

This fake conception is that we don’t charge our phone until it is completely draining out, then we recharge our phone from zero percent to full power. People think this could make our phone battery capacity better than ever before. Actually, to “train” your battery in this way is useless. The battery capacity is fixed when it is manufactured. You can charge your phone freely even it is 90% power. The reason why your phone battery is draining so fast with the time you are using your phone because of its function downgrade. You may consider having a new battery replacement this time.

6. Not charging your phone overnight for fear of damaging the battery

This has become a habit that we watch our phone for a while before going to sleep at night. We watch videos, online news, play games or chat with friends in bed until our phone batteries are power off. We don’t charge it because we couldn’t pull the charger when the power is full while we are asleep, and we think charging our phone overnight will damage the battery. Here Etrade Supply tells you, this worry is over too much. Our smartphone will automatically stop charging the battery. It doesn’t mean that we can leave our phone charging all the time so that we don’t have to worry about the battery power off. Our phone battery like iPhone XS replacement battery best running condition is 40% to 80%. Keep the battery on this working state is a good way to prolong the battery life.

7. Putting the battery in the freezer to make it last longer

Some people think low temperature could make their phone battery power last longer. This misconception has existed for a long time. Well, this behavior is nothing but harmful to your phone. The proper working temperature for phone battery is normal room temperature, which is 25℃. Putting the battery in the freezer could not make it last longer but damage to its life, likewise, using your phone under hot temperature will be harmful to the battery.

8. Using task managers to prolong battery life

The task managers might be a handful to manage your phone operation system, but useless to prolong battery life. The operation system of your phone has been good enough to manage all the apps performance well. The third-party task manager could make the apps perform well but not good to your phone operation system, and might be harmful to your battery.

9. Fearing to leave your phone charger plugged in

This misconception is rare but still, some of us hold this worry. They are concerned about that leaving the phone charger plugged in might cause electric leakage, and catch fire. In some special cases, like water dripping, animal pets bite or children playing may be dangerous to the plug, but these situations are rare in our life. You can leave your phone charger plugged in any time you like. It’s ok for you.

10. Not charging laptops all the time to prevent damage

Laptop battery works the same as the mobile phone battery. If you have no problems charging your phone all the time, you have no problems with charging your laptop, too. You don’t have to worry about that charging all the time while using your laptop will bring damage to the battery. The thing is, while, you’d better keep the battery from working overheated because this will be definitely harmful to the battery life.

11. Turning off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life

This is undeniable that the internet may be effective on your mobile devices. It depends on what you do with your phone. The battery will be easily draining out if you like playing online games or watching videos on a bright screen, and this will shorten the battery life. It doesn’t mean you should turn off all the network connection like Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life. All you have to do is try to turn down the display luminance as much as possible. This is not good for visual experience but a good way to protect the battery.

12. Tips to prolong battery life: keep battery cool, store battery with a bit of charge.

Just like we mentioned on the 7th that the battery’s best working condition is under 25℃ temperature. Don’t take your phone to high-temperature place or cold place. Better not use the phone under the sunshine directly too long. Charge your phone a little bit if you don’t use it for a long time because the battery will kill itself if it is below zero power. These are tips to prolong our phone battery.
These 12 mistakes are fake conception for us on our phone battery charging. Anyway, keep our phone in good condition is good to prolong our battery life. You might also check on the phone replacement battery if it is necessary to do so.