How to understand when to replace the smartphone battery?

How to understand when to replace the smartphone battery?


How to understand when to replace the smartphone battery?

How to understand when to replace the smartphone battery?
How to understand when to replace the smartphone battery?
Tips and tricks for checking and diagnosing mobile phone batteries.

Every battery will wear out. Generally, after 500-800 charge/discharge cycles, the battery capacity will be reduced by about 20%-this is suitable for budget and high-end phones. You need to determine when the battery cannot be used. Replacing the battery will not only increase the autonomy of the smartphone, but also protect the user from accidents, because in rare cases, a damaged battery may catch fire or explode.

Visually inspect the battery
If the battery starts to drain quickly or overheat for no obvious reason, perform a full diagnosis. First, check the appearance (if possible). If it is a single battery, check the back panel of the gadget. If the lid is swollen and there is a gap in the gap, please take the small tool to the service center.

On mobile phones with removable batteries, check for corrosion or oxidation in white or green. In addition, the external swelling of the battery indicates damage. Put this kind of battery on the table, because of the formed bump, it can be untied like the top. It also needs to be replaced here.

Battery diagnostic application
Download one of the dedicated apps to check the battery status. Take Battery Doctor as an example, although you can use similar utilities with higher ratings on Google Play. Launch the application and go to the menu (three dots in the upper right corner of the screen). Select "Battery Information" and check the battery status. If the status is listed as "good", you probably don't need to worry (but not sure). If the performance is poor, it is recommended to replace the battery.

Also in the application, you can optimize the battery, check the heating level, and cool the device if necessary. Power saving and safe charging modes will increase the autonomous operation of the gadget and slow down the aging time of the battery. These utilities are similar to each other, just select at least level 4 programs on Google Play for more reliable diagnosis and optimization.

Battery care tips
Use the following guidelines to extend battery life:

Download the battery maintenance application.
Calibrate the new battery: Before closing the gadget, please discharge the device completely, and then charge it to 100%. Yes, for modern batteries, this is actually irrelevant, but it will not get worse.
Do not use the phone in an excessively hot or cold environment.
Do not discharge the smartphone below 10-15% (excluding calibration).
Cool down overheated equipment.
Learn the main rules for charging mobile phones.

In conclusion
Please keep the battery properly, it will last as long as possible. Any deformation of the battery, rapid power consumption and unreasonable overheating are all warnings of wear. Please remember that ignoring this operation may cause fire or even explosion, so please be careful.