What can we do under the epidemic? ——Current psychological protection

What can we do under the epidemic? ——Current psychological protection


What can we do under the epidemic? ——Current psychological protection

What can we do under the epidemic? ——Current psychological protection
What can we do under the epidemic? ——Current psychological protection

No one expected that so many things would happen in the beginning of 2020. Now we check the latest outbreak information every day, and then check the latest news progress. In the current situation, for the general population, not only do we need to do physical protection, we also need some psychological protection.

I. Identify rumors clearly in anxiety and do scientific protection

Anxiety and fear are emotions that are easily generated in the current situation. When our anxiety and fear emotions appear clearly, especially when they increase to a degree, our brain's ability to distinguish and think about information will be affected. Focus one-sidedly and unconsciously on the information you are afraid of, thereby confirming that your inner fears and fears are correct. Therefore, it is very easy for some other purposeful people to spread rumors by using the public's anxiety, such as smoking anti-virus, smoking vinegar and killing viruses.

2. Watch your level of anxiety and restlessness

The current epidemic information and various life restrictions are constantly reminding us of the fragility of our bodies and the limited life, which will trigger deep anxiety and anxiety in human beings. Excessive anxiety and anxiety naturally have a negative impact on our physical and mental state, as well as family relationships. Therefore, at this time, it is also necessary to actively seek some self-psychological pressure adjustment methods, or seek some psychological help.

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3. Avoid excessive attention to health and physical signals

Whether it is anxiety or the current fear of this infectious disease, it naturally makes us pay more attention to our physical information. Due to the presence of anxiety and the transmission of a lot of information, it is easy for us to be overly alert to our physical signals, such as body temperature and throat sensations.First of all, we must clarify what the symptoms of this infectious pneumonia are, and then look at the signals of our body objectively and rationally analyze our own risk level. If your own judgment is difficult to convince yourself, you can ask rational family members and friends to help you judge.

4. Need to maintain good family relationships under stress

Fear keeps the group together, and anxiety keeps the group divided. In the current situation, everyone is in a certain anxiety, and our emotions and behaviors are easily affected by the existence of our negative emotions. These influences can easily lead to more contradictions and tensions, and thus more psychological pressure. And more psychological pressure will promote the depolarization of psychology and behavior, thus pushing one's psychological state and family relationship into a vicious circle. Learn more about the emotional expressions of good intentions, and truly express the fragility of your heart. These can shorten the distance of your heart and achieve better communication effects. I hope that the epidemic will be quickly and effectively controlled, and that everyone will be healthy.

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