When is the best time to charge a cell phone ?

When is the best time to charge a cell phone ?

Smartphones are good, but there is one problem that is almost unanswered: need to charge. And then high-end smart phones, once no electricity, and a piece of fragile floor tiles no difference. Let us can not help but take a look at both eyes, and depressed back,...

So, the question is, how much charge left when the phone charge is better? How to charge the phone more secure and effective, without damaging the battery, so smart phones live longer?

How do you usually charge?

For many people, charging is a matter of course: before going to sleep to charge the phone; any place to see the plug socket to charge the phone; even charge a treasure anywhere to recharge the phone; sit in front of the computer will be inserted in the phone Charge on the computer.

As for the phone how much power and then take to charge ... ... Keke, it depends on how much last remaining power. However, there are many people in the power left 20% or 15% to start warning, hurriedly jumped up looking for a charger.

How much battery charge the best?

You must have noticed such a problem: the speed of phone charging is not constant. Sometimes it takes a while for a while to recharge, and sometimes for a whole day and night. So, when charging the fastest it?

In general, a battery that is almost depleted is like a man almost trapped in the desert, dehydrated, and as soon as he is brought into contact with the water he draws the most moisture as quickly as possible. Similarly, when the battery is almost consumed by the amount of power to charge it to achieve better charging efficiency. So when the battery is left with 10% of the charge left, it is possible that it will receive a higher current than the 50% charge left.

However, if the charge is low as mentioned above, then charge your cell phone battery suffer!

What are the hazards of incorrect charging methods?


In everyone's concept, the battery used to recharge the following 20% ​​will be better, in the era of nickel-metal battery is true. But to the present era of lithium batteries, so that the phone power down to 20% or even automatically shut down, the battery is very large damage, can cause slow charging, the battery is not used, and even reduce the battery life and other issues.

In addition, if the phone is used to automatically shut down, the lithium battery will be too much discharge due to internal voltage is too low, there may be unable to turn on and charge!

How much charge left the best charge?

Each battery has a number of charging cycles, charging the number of runs out, it means that the battery should come to an end.

A charge cycle means that the battery is fully used up from full charge to full charge, so if your poor cell phone always runs out of charge before it is fully charged, the life of the battery is drastically reduced. Therefore, as much as possible to keep the battery more than 50% of the charge, once below this charge, it should be charged to the phone.

Mobile phone over-charging there is a problem?


We all know that lithium batteries generally have safety circuits and a lot of safety full-time, sufficient to ensure that the battery is automatically cut off during over-power. Therefore, under normal circumstances overcharging will not lead to safety issues such as explosions.

However, after the battery is fully charged, the battery will remain charged at full charge, which will speed up the loss of battery capacity and reduce the battery capacity.


Battery is the lifeblood of the phone, please protect it. Do not let the battery has been in a state of charge, do not wait for no power off and then rushed out to charge the phone, do not use the phone at very high or very low temperature, do not let the phone can not quickly charge fast charging, slow is Fast, so your love machine can play a greater performance, you say?