Cell phone charging injury in the end do not hurt the battery?

Cell phone charging injury in the end do not hurt the battery?

For netizens who rely heavily on smartphones, it is likely that cell phones (games, movies, ...) are almost exhausted every night before going to bed, and then plug the phone into the charging cable and finally fall asleep. But have you ever heard of "cell phone charge all night, will hurt the battery life" argument? In the end, how to do it is correct?
Business Insider quoted a report from Battery University's Web site at Codex Battery Corp. that every time a cell phone lithium battery is charged to 100%, the voltage of the lithium cell reaches its peak twice. And if the night charge the phone all night, because part of the phone is not completely cut off the battery and the power connection, equal to the battery has been maintained at high pressure, the battery life will cause some damage.

Recently, however, Business Insider also interviewed Kyle Wiens, the head of iFixit, which dismantled the iPhone and other electronic products, to overthrow the past. Kyle Wiens points out that "charging your phone all night long does not really affect battery life." Kyle said each battery has a fixed charge cycle, which means "the smart phone battery's integrity before it ages significantly Charging times ". For example, when a cellphone uses 50% of the charge and then charges, it will charge the phone in half and charge half the battery charge cycle.
Kyle said that in general, smart phone battery charging cycle is about 400 (Apple's official saying, iPhone battery charging cycle is 500). This standard is to say, under normal use, the device can use about a year and a half or so. If properly maintained, the service life of more than a year and a half is also very possible.

Why then there will be charged overnight battery rumors it? Because most of the early rechargeable batteries are nickel-cadmium batteries, such batteries have the memory effect of the defect, simply because the battery capacity will be reduced due to over-charge, causing you to leave a charge all night will hurt the battery impression.

However, the current rechargeable battery to change more lithium batteries or lithium-ion battery, no memory effect will occur. Moreover, mobile devices in their hands have been cleverer than ever before. After fully charged, the processor or circuit board in the mobile phone will automatically switch over and rely on the power of the socket as the power source to ensure that when the user wakes up and picks up the mobile phone, The screen is 100% state of charge is completed, the excess current will not flow into the phone battery.
So, you charge the phone for a full night, it will not change the battery charge cycle. Only when you use the phone (power), it will consume the battery charge cycle.

However, when you charge the smart phone overnight, although the battery life will not cause much impact, but in fact the potential danger is indeed high, because the cell phone battery charging will be at a higher temperature, may result in lithium batteries Degradation, that is to say loss of stored energy of the active substance.

If you want your cell phone batteries to maintain the best use of the state, it is best to keep the cell phone battery power between 10% to 90%, do not fully drain the power or fully charge it, and try not to phone in the extreme Temperature, such as snow or desert, in other words, the use of mobile phones is best to maintain the temperature between 0 ~ 45 degrees Celsius, because this range is lithium battery normal operating temperature range, more or less than may be on the battery The life of the damage.

Phone fully charged, the best way to protect it or unplug the charging cable! But Xiao Bian that the most suitable method is ... ... how to facilitate how to charge, every day will worry about battery life will be a short period of one or two days, we ourselves will be over-worried because of short-lived, right?