Why do mobile phones now use built-in batteries?

From: Carol
publisher: Carol
Time: 2020-09-15
Summary: Why do mobile phones now use built-in batteries?
Why do mobile phones now use built-in batteries?
Nowadays, mobile phones seem to have become "fast-moving consumer goods", and the replacement is too fast. Chao Simu wanted to buy a high-end machine, and it didn't take long for a higher-end machine to appear. However, we will also find a problem. Since the Apple mobile phone introduced the built-in battery of the mobile phone, the back cover can no longer be opened. In the past, when the mobile phone was detachable, if the mobile phone crashed, we only need to open the back cover and pull out the battery, and then install it, and it can be restarted immediately. Such a simple and convenient operation, why is it not popular now?
Many people speculate that this may be the promotion of power banks (mobile power banks) by some mobile phone companies, which has also caused the once universal charging to be useless now. However, in addition to some brands that have power banks, many major brands do not have these products. It can be seen that the built-in battery of mobile phones is not made for power banks. What is the reason?
In fact, the built-in mobile phone battery is not removable, so many factors are considered. First of all, in design, the mobile phone has become thinner and lighter, making full use of the space inside the mobile phone. The internal structure of the mobile phone has become more compact, and it looks more high-end than the previous detachable mobile phone. For manufacturers, the price can be sold more expensive.

However, this reason is not the main reason, it is to reduce the user's operation of the mobile phone, and make the mobile phone
There is also a reduction in the battery problem. Before, our mobile phones often showed that the mobile phone batteries could not be charged after being used. It turned into an embarrassing situation of "charging for 2 hours and using for 5 minutes". Then we started to buy so-called “

Although there are so many advantages, of course the disadvantages must be mentioned. There is a problem with the built-in battery of the mobile phone, that is, the mobile phone is very easy to heat up, and some mobile phones have poor heat dissipation. Although the current battery is more durable, the life span is only 2-3 years at most. If the battery fails, it will be more troublesome to replace the battery. People have to consider whether to buy another mobile phone, which will increase the manufacturer's sales and shorten the mobile phone's life cycle.