How to buy batteries

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Time: 2020-09-04
Summary: How to buy batteries
How to buy phone batteries
The quality of lithium batteries is the most important choice.
Lithium ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion batteries and polymer lithium ion batteries. The electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries is fluid, so it is more unstable than lithium polymer batteries. It may explode if hit by external force, or using a charger that does not meet the standard. Many mobile phones, laptops, etc.
The batteries used in portable electronic products are all lithium batteries. In other words, many people have a "bomb" around them. For safety, you must pay attention to the following points when purchasing.
1. Is the capacity clearly marked? Batteries without a clearly marked capacity (such as 1000mAh or 1000 mAh) are likely to use inferior batteries or recycled batteries. Many cheap batteries in the market are made from recycled battery cores. Although they are cheap, they have short lifespan and unstable quality. Careless use may damage the phone.

2. Is there any guarantee of standby time? Standby time refers to the continuous use time after the battery is installed in the phone to the next charge. Generally, the batteries sold in the market cannot guarantee the standby time for customers. This is because the battery quality is unstable. Many cheap batteries use poor quality batteries, so the standby time is very short.

3. Whether to install a safety protection circuit board. Without the protection circuit board, the lithium battery has the risk of deformation, leakage and explosion. Under the vicious price cut competition, various companies seek lower-priced protective circuit boards, or omit this device at all, making the market flooded with lithium batteries that are dangerous for explosions. Consumers cannot tell from the appearance whether there is a protective circuit board, so it is best to choose a reputable merchant to buy.

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