Do you know the difference between a built-in battery and a removable battery?

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Time: 2020-08-26
Summary: Do you know the difference between a built-in battery and a removable battery?
Do you know the difference between a built-in battery and a removable battery?
As smart phones have more and more functions and users use them more frequently, many mobile phone batteries are not durable. Charge the phone repeatedly during use, or even charge it twice or more a day, the battery life of the phone will be recycled and gradually weakened. Usually the battery can be cycled close to about 1000 times, but why do many manufacturers still choose Built-in batteries instead of alternative batteries that can be replaced by opening the back cover?
Battery power is the source of power for mobile phones. To operate anything, you must rely on batteries to maintain power. Therefore, batteries occupy a lot of technical content in the manufacturing process of mobile phones. Since the replaceable battery is separated from the mobile phone during the transportation process, there is a high chance that the unscrupulous merchants will steal the battery and give it to the user. Although when the battery is declining, it is easy for users to find and buy the third battery launched outside, which will also cause one of the factors of unstable battery safety. If the third-party battery is not good enough in terms of safety protection, it will easily cause the risk of explosion, causing casualties.

In contrast, the Built-in battery cannot be replaced without authorization, which greatly guarantees the overall stability of the phone after it leaves the factory. It can also greatly avoid the opportunity for users to replace the battery by themselves. When the user opens the phone without authorization, the warranty of the phone will be affected. In addition, the built-in battery is almost always a soft case, and the protection capability is far worse than that of a removable battery. But the Build-in battery thanks to the existing technology, and the battery hard shell takes up less area, and the battery capacity can be increased as much as possible to increase the endurance. In addition, in terms of safety, the built-in battery mainly uses soft shells, but the built-in non-removable method can avoid damage caused by human factors as much as possible, and the battery protection mechanism can also effectively protect the safe use of the battery.

The Built-in battery is directly connected to the main electric board through a wire, which becomes more efficient in power transmission and reduces the chance of contact oxidation. The built-in battery can directly supply power to the main electric board, and the design is not plug-in, so it will not cause any damage during use. For example, the battery will not fall out when it is dropped. Compared with the Built-in battery, it is much more convenient to disassemble the battery when replacing the battery, especially in an emergency. Carry a battery with you to replace it when the phone needs it. Compared with using PowerBank, it is faster to reach full charge. . It is worth mentioning that the contacts of the battery are used repeatedly, and metal fatigue will occur over time, or the metal contact points will be oxidized due to environmental factors, which is also one of the problems of external batteries.
Looking at the current market, it is the future trend for mobile phones to become thinner and lighter. In order to make the mobile phone thinner, manufacturers should make the internal parts of the mobile phone as small as possible, especially the battery accessories. In order to make it safer for users, manufacturers still do many layers of protection on the battery so that users can use it more safely.

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