Is the power bank capacity bigger and better?

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publisher: Billy
Time: 2020-03-13
Summary: Is the power bank capacity bigger and better?
Is the power bank capacity bigger and better?

Since the capacity is the most important parameter that directly affects the length of time we use it, in many people's minds, the larger the capacity of the power bank, the better. In fact, there is nothing wrong with saying this, but for lithium batteries, the increase in capacity will inevitably cause a double increase in volume and price. Most people buy power bank just to be able to charge mobile phones or other digital devices during emergency trips, business trips or daily use. Therefore, in terms of capacity selection, 5000mAh products are more vulnerable to people's favorite. However, for other people, if you buy a power bank supply just to use it in special situations such as forgetting to charge the phone when you go out, those products with a nominal capacity of 2000-3000mAh and more compact size are also a good choice. Therefore, for power bank, the larger the capacity, the better, after all, the capacity is just a parameter that can measure the use time. When buying, you should choose according to your actual needs, and you should not blindly pursue "large capacity".

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