How to dispose of used mobile phone batteries?

From: 百度
publisher: Billy
Time: 2020-03-10
Summary: How to dispose of used mobile phone batteries?
How to dispose of used mobile phone batteries
To establish the concept of garbage classification, put the dry batteries used daily into the corresponding garbage bins or put them into the local waste battery recycling bins. Do not collect waste batteries in a centralized manner.
For batteries with a high content of harmful substances such as carbon-zinc batteries, they should be directly delivered to nearby old battery repurchase agencies.
Only by properly disposing of used batteries can they be guaranteed not to pollute the environment.
PS:Environmental harm caused by littering of used batteries
First, if the battery is discarded into the soil, the lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metal elements inside will contaminate the soil, and the rotten battery will also pollute nearby water sources. If people eat food grown on contaminated soil or drink contaminated water, severe heavy metal poisoning will occur. A rotten No. 1 battery. The heavy metals in it can make one square meter of soil lose the ability to plant. A rotten button battery will pollute 600,000 liters of water.

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