Can the power bank be brought on the plane?

From: Baidu
publisher: Billy
Time: 2020-01-11
Summary: Can the power bank be brought on the plane?

Can the power bank be brought on the plane?

Yes! When taking a plane, the power bank can only be carried by passengers on the plane, not in the suitcase.

Because the power bank contains lithium or lithium-ion battery core.

Lithium is an unstable metal, lithium battery is easy to cause spontaneous combustion after heating in high-altitude environment. If the lithium battery is checked in the luggage, the luggage is easy to be squeezed or collided in the narrow cargo space, which brings safety risks to flight.

The latest regulations of the airport: portable battery is not allowed to board the plane if it exceeds 20, 000 Mah, and it will be confiscated by the airport, please pay attention.

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