Which is durable, polymer or 18650?

From: Baidu
publisher: Billy
Time: 2019-10-28
Summary: Which is durable, polymer or 18650?

Which is durable, polymer or 18650?

1, polymer, and 18650 which is durable in shape first, 18650 belong to the cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, polymer battery belong to aliens, or square, polymer battery outside using aluminum-plastic film packaging, external relatively fragile easy scratches, pits, broken skin, if accidentally will polymer battery drop to the ground, the battery anode ear is easy to break.The cylindrical battery's 18650 shell is made of metal, which can be dropped several times without serious problems.

2, polymer and 18650 battery if all use the same three yuan materials, polymer and 18650 battery storage conditions, polymer and battery charge and discharge conditions, 18650, 18650 and the conditions of the use of polymer battery, 18650 and polymer circulating conditions are the same, similar standard voltage standard structure and the working environment to the same situation, actually basically runs out in 18650 and polymer battery that is durable.

3, polymer and 18650 which durable, mainly depends on the application scenario, if a bluetooth headset even if the battery 18650 durable also can not put in it, but size is not limited, it is recommended to use 18650, relatively more durable.

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