Battery cell from Top factory or small facotry, whats the differences?

publisher: Dorianne
Time: 2019-08-06
Summary: As we all know, China's Top battery manufacturers have SW and....
Battery cell from Top factory or other facotry, whats the differences?
As we all know, Chinese Top battery cell manufacturers have SW and HD. The advantages of these two factory are mass production, stable quality and high quality materials. These manufacturers began to struggle in the 1980s and have become our big manufacturers now. They are also the battery cell suppliers of most big brand batteries, such as Samsung and Iphone.

In the past few years, several medium-sized factories have developed very well, such as HX, YJT, LH, etc. Some of them focus on polymer battery, and some focus on external batteries. The battery materials and market positioning of different factories are different. The quality is high and low, the main difference is the number of cycles, the stability of the platform and so on.

Different customers have different needs. What about you?


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