CITE2017 grand launch artificial intelligence museum - artificial intelligence to change the world

Time: 2018-01-17
Summary: Artificial intelligence, the future has come. CITE 2017 will unveil the Artificial Intelligence Theme Pavilion to showcase the already-blown Artificial Intelligence ecosystem.

In China, use artificial intelligence to change the world--CITE2017 launched a grand artificial intelligence museum

Artificial intelligence, the future has come. CITE 2017 will unveil the Artificial Intelligence Theme Pavilion to showcase the full-fledged Artificial Intelligence ecosystem.December 19, 2016, CITE artificial intelligence theme museum signing ceremony was held in Shenzhen. Di Yunzhu, general manager of CITE contractor CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd., Ren Pingping, chief marketing officer of China Unicom, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, and Bi Yalei, secretary general of Shenzhen Robot Association, jointly signed the cooperation agreement in the 5th China Electronic Information Expo 2017 Shenzhen International Robotics and Intelligent Systems Expo to create artificial intelligence Museum. Tripartite will organize the participation of leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence through its own advantageous resources. During the exhibition, the three parties will launch a series of activities related to robotics and intelligent systems, including artificial intelligence-themed high-end such as robotics and artificial intelligence display interaction, technical seminars and academician forums activity. Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission and Xie Jianmin, deputy director of the Committee and other leaders, Shenzhen City, the preferred election, robotics and other new pine robotics industry representatives and industry media attend the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement.
As the benchmark for the development of China's electronic information industry, the 5th China Information Expo (CITE 2017) will be held from April 9 to April 11, 2017 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The theme of this Expo is "CITE Opens Smart Age." Artificial intelligence, intelligent robots and intelligent manufacturing will be the focus of this exhibition show content. The 3rd Shenzhen International Robotics and Intelligent Systems Expo 2017 jointly organized by CLP Exhibition and Shenzhen Robot Association will also be held concurrently with CITE 2017 Hall IV. After two years, with the concerted efforts of organizers, Robot Expo will focus on the display and exchange of technology, products and applications in the field of robots, setting up an industrial robot exhibition area and a service robot exhibition area, which will attract over 100 robotics and intelligent manufacturing-related industry leaders Exhibitors.
On this basis, the CLP Exhibition and the Shenzhen Robot Association will work together with China's leading leader in artificial intelligence, iFLYTEK to create an artificial intelligence studio at the fifth floor of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center at CITE 2017. Artificial Intelligence Museum will be "New World Artificial Intelligence" as the theme, and artificial intelligence as the core, showing the artificial intelligence ecosystem business products and technological achievements. The exhibition area mainly focuses on the applications of IDT's artificial intelligence technology and its partners' new products and technologies. It focuses on core technologies, core exhibition areas, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, robots, intellectual agriculture, wearable devices, smart Manufacturing, Wisdom Education, Smart Healthcare and Smart Home, to create four new models, new products, new technologies and new formats. The exhibition will focus on the hottest topics such as artificial intelligence, quantum communication, virtual reality and augmented reality Cutting-edge technology products. During the period of CITE2016, under the organization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, IEDC took the lead in launching the "Shenzhen Declaration on Artificial Intelligence" as the initiating party. The participating companies include ITC, Huawei, Jingdong, TCL, Midea, Ping An Bank, Huaqiang Group, Austrian flying animation, Rainbow Technology, Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute and other famous enterprises. The Shenzhen Declaration on Artificial Intelligence officially announces to the world: let's act together in China and change the world with artificial intelligence!
Through the joint efforts of three contractors, CITE2017 Artificial Intelligence Museum will be the annual event of 2017 artificial intelligence and related industries. The era of artificial intelligence has arrived, people from all walks of life are invited to win the industry development opportunities with us.

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