Fast charge when the road where the real charge should be like this!

Time: 2018-01-20
Summary: The discussion on the topic of "Shared Charging Po" is like an upcoming summer, hot. When every new thing appears, the heat of public opinion often leaves things behind itself. Taipower Jun is a pragmatic guy, talk to you today, "Shared Charging Po" with the vital interests of everyone go Where filling should be like this: bring a small body, large energy fast charge mobile power!

In recent months, discussions on the topic of "shared charging treasure" have been hot as the coming summer. When every new thing appears, the heat of public opinion often leaves things behind itself. We all express our views, divergent opinions, a hundred schools of thought. Some people hold a supportive attitude, but others are not optimistic. However, the power tycoon Jun found that everyone can not do without venture capitalism and are watching the major economic giants how to flex their muscles.

Life needs to inject new vitality, but more needs to move forward steadily. And Xiaobian is to escort everyone's life. So, today to tell you about "shared charging Po" with the immediate interests of everyone at the point, as economic giants how to play is their thing.

Closer to home, in the end "Shared Charging Po" is not feasible? Can we bring real convenience to everyone's life?"Shared Charging treasure" mode of use and "shared cycling" is about the same, the use of methods: charging cabinet - scan code to pay the deposit (100 range) - take away the charge treasure - used up near the return of the charging cabinet.advantage:1. This street cabinet mode convenient for many urgent need to charge the phone without charging treasure users.2. Do not have to carry heavier charging treasure, travel more easily.
Disadvantages:1. I just wrote an article shortly before "Dangerous! Do you dare to charge in public places?" On the safety of street charging piles, "Shared Charging Po" looks like the public charging piles are not the same, but still Can not be separated by Alipay or WeChat scanning two-dimensional code to obtain personal information to use, there is still a big security risk.According to a development worker who revealed: The use of such a common charging tool, can easily lead to personal information disclosure and the virus "cross-spread." Security is the priority. Although the provider of this problem can try its best to avoid the security risk, it still can not stop it.

2. Need to pay a charge treasure value of the deposit, according to the length of time to calculate the rent.3. Rechargeable Po not necessarily be able to use the normal use, and the charging time may be slower, after all, many are fast charge version of the treasure on the market now. From the above several use point of view, "Shared Charging Po" is not as useful as imagined.


Charging treasure industry more and more mature and toward more high-tech, closer to the public life, the price of the product is not as big as the unacceptable electronic products, a hundred or less charging treasure cost is already high, with a lightweight portable , Large capacity and other characteristics, suitable for more occasions, go out, home, office and other places are free to use, without having to worry about the rent brought about by the length of time.

Moreover, the charging treasure from now fast charge to more convenient for everyone to use the wireless charge, although the wireless charge is not yet product, but this is bound to be achieved! So, with more than a phone with the size of the charge Po is not one of the more difficult things, for personal information and property safety, this trouble does not count as "troubles."So, where the real charge where should be like this: bring a small body, big energy fast charge mobile power!

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