What do you have to prepare before going out?

Time: 2018-01-08
 A lot of people who have not been out of the distance must have some questions and hate to bring all the family members to them, but it is actually absolutely unnecessary. Now, according to the experience of individual travel, the latest list of necessary articles for traveling is summarized.
One, a suitcase or a backpack (with a light bag)
According to the distance you go out, you can divide it into a big box of clothes, a locked suitcase and a light backpack when you travel. If you are planning to be on the road for a few months, get ready for a double shoulder bag. It's better to have a professional package with a system.
In addition to packing all luggage bags or suitcases, prepare a small bag for small items such as documents, mobile phones and so on. Once you get to a place, you must put down your luggage first and play, the small bag is very necessary.
Two, certificate and bank card
1. ID card, passport (foreign nationals): Nowadays, airplanes, trains and hotels sign the real name system of ID card, so identity card is one of the essential goods wherever you travel.
2. student card, old certificate and other preferential documents: it is the necessary valid certificate to enjoy the ticket discount of the scenic spot.
3. cash, bank card: travel can not avoid consumption, so we must take a bank card.
Three, mobile phone, camera and charger, card reader, rechargeable treasure
Mobile phone is absolutely necessary, not explanation. The camera is a tool for recording the journey, and it must be taken. Don't forget the charger and the card reader. Now there's a rechargeable treasure, and you have to buy a belt to prevent the phone from running out of electricity. (even if it doesn't work, you can buy it, and if you go to a remote place, you have to take it all.)
Four. Clothes and shoes
Look at the weather where you go and the time you're waiting for, the summer clothes are compared, a few T-shirts and pants. A few sets of underwear and socks are available. In winter, you need to take a thick coat. Jeans are good for travel and dirty.
A pair of better walking shoes is very important. After a lot of personal practice, the shoes affect the happiness of the journey.
Five. Sanitary articles
1. towels and toiletries; 2. toilet paper, paper towels, wipes; 3. skin care products, cosmetics, combs; 4. lip balm; 5. sunscreen; 6. male / female razor and sanitary articles; 7. washing supplies (blue moon liquid laundry travel pack, small bottles of 80g, designed for washing design can take a journey, aircraft)
Health supplies are necessary, although some things are sold locally, but it is better to carry them with them.
Six. Commonly used drugs
Commonly used drugs: cold medicine, car sickness medicine, band aid. Plateaus reacting drugs: drugs such as rhodiola and the commonly used medicine for their own diseases should be taken to plateau areas.
In fact, many drugs can not be brought in, and can be purchased locally.
The mobile phone must be a must, and the electronic products that spend time on the car have tablets, MP3, and e-books. The rest of the products are poker and paper books.
Eight, sleeping bags and tents (only for camping friends)
Sleeping bags, moistureproof mats and tents are necessary for campers. It is necessary to take these three pieces on a long journey.
The above is the latest edition of the list of necessary articles, which is summarized by the individual according to experience. The less the better, the too heavy luggage is a very destructive journey. A little more money is enough, and everything can be bought.

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