How to make the phone last longer?

                          How to make the phone last longer

1.Turn off WiFi when you run out of WiFi. Now most people are using WiFi, so some people will keep WiFi on all the time.It will constantly search for signals and lose power.

2.Reduce the screen brightness, now the mobile phone screen is getting larger and larger, the need for electricity is more, so, in ordinary use, try to reduce the screen brightness, also has a great role in battery life.

3.Turn off GPS, bluetooth and other auxiliary functions. For GPS, bluetooth and other auxiliary functions, they can only be turned on when they need to be used. If the phone is turned on by default, it should be turned off manually.

4.Do not use dynamic desktop, there are many dynamic wallpaper, also very cool, but if you want to save power, try not to use dynamic desktop.

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